France Braces for Massive Pension Reform Strikes Threatening to Bring the Country to a Standstill

Mass strikes and protests have brought France to a near standstill as workers across the country protest President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed pension reform. Unions in France have declared that they will continue with their protests and are willing to bring the country to a “complete standstill.” Transport workers have started rolling strikes, which have caused major disruptions to the transport system, including train delays and cancellations. Public services and schools have also been affected by the strikes. The proposed pension reform would replace the current system, where workers can retire at age 62, with a point-based system that would require workers to work longer before they can retire with full benefits. The French government argues that the new system is fairer and will help to prevent the current deficit in the country’s pension system from increasing. However, unions argue that the reform will lead to lower pension benefits for workers and is an attack on workers’ rights. The protests are expected to continue for the coming days, with the unions calling for a nationwide strike on December 17th.