Francis Ngannou’s Payday: Multiples Bigger than His Entire UFC Earnings

Francis Ngannou’s Boxing Bout Puts His UFC Earnings to Shame

In a surprising turn of events, Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has found success outside of the octagon and secured a highly lucrative deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL) for MMA bouts. However, Ngannou’s venture into the world of boxing is where he truly stands to reap massive financial rewards. One opponent who has stepped forward to face him is none other than Tyson Fury, the renowned heavyweight boxing champion. This unexpected matchup has shed light on just how significant Ngannou’s payday will be.

Ngannou’s manager, Marquel Martin, recently revealed that the purse for the boxing match is “multiples” bigger than Ngannou’s entire earnings from his seven-year UFC career. This revelation has silenced critics who once believed he had made a mistake by leaving the UFC. Martin confidently stated that this career move was a calculated decision that would have life-changing financial implications for Ngannou. The manager’s comments suggest that the magnitude of the payday is so substantial that Ngannou could drop it on the way to the bank.

To put this into perspective, Ngannou’s earnings in the UFC amounted to approximately $3.5 million over the course of his career. This includes his fight purses, performance bonuses, and a share of pay-per-view revenue. In his final UFC fight, Ngannou received a base purse of $600,000 for his title defense against Ciryl Gane. While these figures may seem substantial, they pale in comparison to the hefty sum Ngannou is set to earn from his upcoming bout with Tyson Fury.

The sheer magnitude of this payday demonstrates Ngannou’s financial success outside of the UFC and solidifies his decision to explore other avenues. Ngannou’s manager asserts that even during his time as a UFC champion, he would have had to fight multiple times to earn the amount he stands to receive from his boxing match. This noteworthy revelation puts an end to any doubts about Ngannou’s ability to secure a secure financial future for himself.

In conclusion, Francis Ngannou’s foray into boxing has proven to be a wise move, both financially and professionally. His upcoming bout with Tyson Fury is set to provide him with a massive payday that outshines his entire UFC career earnings. This success not only solidifies Ngannou’s decision to explore opportunities outside of the UFC but also showcases his ability to compete at the highest level in multiple combat sports.