From ATM fraud to credit card skimming, George Santos faces mounting allegations

Controversy Surrounds Rep. George Santos Over Multiple Fraud Allegations

New York Congressman, George Santos, is facing serious allegations of involvement in multiple cases of credit card skimming and ATM fraud. The accusations center around his alleged role as the mastermind behind such schemes in 2017, and his former roommate’s damning letter.

In 2017, Santos was the subject of a fraud complaint filed with the Secret Service. Most recently, his former roommate informed authorities that he was the mastermind behind the ATM fraud that same year.

Santos has denied any wrongdoing, stating that he is “innocent” of all charges. However, the accusations keep piling on. Another case alleges that Santos orchestrated a credit card skimming scheme and is now trying to distance himself from the situation.

Despite his denials, Santos is coming under increasing scrutiny. Newsweek reports that his chances of facing charges are increasing with each new revelation. As one of his accusers said, “It’s hard to believe that he’s innocent, given all the evidence we have against him.”

The controversy around Santos is not likely to go away anytime soon. As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen if he will face criminal charges for his alleged involvement in these fraudulent schemes.