G20 Leaders Struggle to Reach Consensus on Russia-Ukraine War at Financial Meetings

The G20 summit in India was overshadowed by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, as major economies failed to reach a consensus on the conflict.

At the gathering, tensions flared as world leaders discussed the war and the potential for a diplomatic resolution. Sources said the G20 failed to reach a consensus on the issue, with some countries pushing for a ceasefire and others standing in support of Russia.

The draft communique revealed at the G20 finance meetings in India showed a clear divide between world powers, with language such as “war language” and “impassioned rhetoric” used to describe the situation.

The divide was further deepened by the presence of Janet Yellen, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, who urged the G20 to take a strong stance against Russia’s military actions in Ukraine. Her comments were met with criticism from other countries, including Russia.

The G20 is expected to issue a statement later this week, but it remains to be seen if the group can reach a consensus on the issue.