Gambling Commission Investigates Fourth Conservative Over General Election Bets – Shocking Details Inside!

London, UK – The Gambling Commission is reportedly investigating a fourth Conservative individual for alleged bets placed on the date of the general election. The Sunday Times revealed that a high-ranking Conservative Party official allegedly made numerous bets, potentially resulting in substantial winnings. Both the official and the party denied any wrongdoing, with the party stating they cannot comment on ongoing investigations by the Gambling Commission.

The report by the BBC previously mentioned two Conservative election candidates and another party official under investigation. The allegations have sparked criticism from the Liberal Democrats, who accused the Conservatives of being embroiled in scandal, drawing parallels to previous controversies within the party. Laura Saunders, a Conservative candidate in Bristol North West, and her partner, Tory director of campaigning Tony Lee, are also facing scrutiny over alleged bets.

The initial focus on gambling on the election date centered around Craig Williams, a close aide to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who admitted to placing a bet just days before the election date was publicly announced. Williams expressed regret for his actions but declined to disclose if he had inside information prior to making the bet. In response to the latest investigation, a Conservative spokesperson emphasized their cooperation with the Gambling Commission’s inquiries.

The Liberal Democrats have called for the suspension of individuals under investigation, urging Prime Minister Sunak to conduct a thorough inquiry. The controversy has drawn criticism from various political figures, including Housing Secretary Michael Gove, who likened the situation to past scandals within the party. Labour has yet to comment on the recent allegations, but previously stated a zero-tolerance policy towards such conduct within their ranks.

In a separate development, a police officer from the Prime Minister’s close protection team was arrested for allegedly placing bets on the election’s timing. The officer has been suspended pending further investigation, sparking concerns about potential misconduct within law enforcement. The Metropolitan Police has been informed of the situation and is working in collaboration with the Gambling Commission to address the issue.