Gambling Commission Investigating Fourth Conservative in Election Date Betting Scandal: Latest Details Revealed

London, England – The Gambling Commission is reportedly investigating a fourth Conservative official for placing bets on the date of the general election. The Sunday Times reported that the senior Conservative Party member placed numerous bets, potentially winning thousands of pounds.

The BBC had previously revealed that two Conservative election candidates and another party official were also under scrutiny. The Liberal Democrats criticized the Conservatives for their alleged involvement in gambling, while Tory minister Michael Gove likened the situation to a previous scandal.

Laura Saunders, the Conservative candidate in Bristol North West, and Craig Williams confirmed that they were subjects of the Gambling Commission’s investigation. Saunders has been affiliated with the Tories since 2015, and her partner, Tony Lee, who serves as the Conservative director of campaigning, is also being examined for an alleged bet.

The controversy first arose with Craig Williams, a former Tory MP, who reportedly placed a bet on the election date before it was officially announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Williams apologized for his actions, acknowledging a significant error in judgment.

Following the recent allegations, a Conservative spokesperson reiterated that they are prohibited from discussing matters related to ongoing investigations. Prime Minister Sunak expressed anger over the allegations, vowing to take action against any individuals found to have violated gambling laws within the Conservative Party.

The Gambling Commission confirmed its investigation into potential offenses related to the election date but did not disclose any specific details about the individuals involved. Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have called for the suspension of Saunders and Williams as Conservative candidates, with demands for further inquiries into the matter.

In a separate development, a police officer within the prime minister’s close protection team was arrested for allegedly placing bets on the election timing. The Metropolitan Police suspended the officer and initiated an investigation into potential misconduct.

As the controversy unfolds, political parties and officials continue to grapple with the implications of the Gambling Commission’s probe into betting activities surrounding the general election. The calls for accountability and transparency within the Conservative Party highlight the ongoing challenges facing UK politics.