Gambling Scandal Rocks MLB: Oakland A’s Pitcher Suspended for Betting on Baseball Alongside Padres Player

San Diego, California – Major League Baseball has taken decisive action against players involved in gambling activities, with San Diego Padres shortstop Tucupita Marcano receiving a permanent ban for betting more than $150,000 on baseball games. This move marks one of the harshest penalties imposed on a baseball player by the league.

Marcano’s betting activities, which included wagers on at least 25 Pittsburgh Pirates games while playing for the team, were closely scrutinized by MLB. Alongside Marcano, Oakland A’s pitcher Michael Kelly was also sanctioned with a one-year suspension for his involvement in gambling on baseball games. The league found that Kelly made bets on MLB teams while he was a minor leaguer, resulting in the enforcement of a lesser penalty compared to Marcano.

Despite being a recent signee with the Padres, Marcano has yet to make his debut due to a knee injury suffered in July. The league revealed that Marcano placed over $87,000 in bets on 387 MLB games, with a significant portion of the wagers involving the outcome of Pirates games. However, no evidence suggests that the results of the games on which Marcano placed bets were manipulated in any manner.

Kelly, on the other hand, has been an integral part of the A’s bullpen this season, making 28 appearances and maintaining a commendable 2.59 ERA. The 31-year-old pitcher has continued to contribute on the field, dispelling any concerns about his past gambling involvement as a minor leaguer in the Astros organization.

In addition to Marcano and Kelly, three minor league players faced one-year suspensions for engaging in gambling activities on baseball games. Padres minor league pitcher Jay Groome, Phillies minor league infielder José Rodríguez, and Diamondbacks minor league pitcher Andrew Saalfrank were all penalized for their actions. The league strictly enforces Rule 21, which mandates a one-year suspension for any player found gambling on baseball, with permanent ineligibility for those directly linked to wagering on games in which they are involved.