Gaza City Buildings Destroyed: Shocking Video Footage Shows Devastation from Israeli Air Strikes | Watch Now

Gaza City, Palestine – Two Israeli airstrikes have resulted in the destruction of buildings in Gaza City, leaving at least 38 people dead and many more injured, according to reports from Hamas. The strikes targeted Hamas military infrastructure sites, with the Israeli military stating that more details would be provided later.

One of the strikes hit a residential block in the al-Shati area, a historic refugee camp in Gaza, while the other targeted houses in the al-Tuffah district. Footage from the aftermath showed individuals carrying away the wounded and searching for survivors amidst the rubble.

Initial reports indicated a death toll of 42, with Israeli media suggesting that the airstrikes may have been aimed at a senior Hamas official. The impact of the strikes was described by a civil defense spokesman in Gaza City as resembling an earthquake, with homes destroyed and families trapped under the debris.

Calls for an independent investigation and accountability for those responsible have been made in response to the airstrikes. The incident comes amidst heightened tensions in the region, with Israel launching a campaign to destroy Hamas following an unprecedented attack on southern Israel. Casualty figures have been rising, with the territory’s Hamas-run health ministry reporting thousands of deaths, including children, women, and elderly individuals by the end of April.

Efforts are ongoing to rescue those trapped and provide medical aid to the injured. The situation remains challenging due to limited resources and fuel for ambulances, as the conflict continues to escalate in Gaza City.