George Clooney Urges Joe Biden to Step Aside, Democrats Divided

Los Angeles, California – Hollywood actor George Clooney has called on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to step down from the race following concerns about his performance in recent debates. Clooney, a prominent Democratic fundraiser, expressed his doubts about Biden’s ability to win against incumbent President Donald Trump in the upcoming November election.

This statement from Clooney comes amidst growing unease within the Democratic party about Biden’s candidacy, with senior Democrat Nancy Pelosi also hinting at the need for Biden to make a decision soon. Concerns have been raised about Biden’s age and performance, particularly following a debate with Trump that left many questioning his capability to lead.

Clooney, who recently co-hosted a fundraising event for Biden that brought in a record amount of campaign funds, emphasized that the current Biden is not the same as the one he knew in the past. Despite Biden’s determination to carry on with his candidacy, voices within the party are calling for a reevaluation.

Several elected Democrats have publicly expressed their doubts about Biden’s chances of winning the election, with some even suggesting he step aside for the good of the party. However, Biden’s campaign remains firm in his commitment to seeing the race through to the end, despite the growing dissent.

As the Nato summit takes place in Washington, concerns about Biden’s candidacy continue to overshadow the event. While some Democratic leaders have expressed support for Biden, others have voiced their reservations about his ability to secure a victory in a face-off against Trump.

Overall, the Democratic party faces a challenging decision regarding Biden’s candidacy, with calls for him to step aside becoming more vocal. The upcoming days are crucial as Biden navigates through the growing dissent within his own party.