George Soros’ Son Takes Control of $25B Empire in Political Move

Billionaire George Soros has reportedly ceded control of his empire to his younger son, Alex. The 90-year-old investor and philanthropist has been gradually stepping back from his business and charity activities in recent years, and Alex has been taking on a more prominent role. In a recent interview with Fox Business, Alex, 37, said that he is “more political” than his father and expressed interest in shaping the family’s philanthropic and political goals. The move comes as Soros faces increased scrutiny from conservative politicians and conspiracy theorists who have targeted him for his philanthropy and political activism. It remains to be seen how the younger Soros will oversee the family’s vast resources, estimated to be worth $25 billion. For now, however, it appears that he will be taking the reins from his father and charting a new course for the Soros empire.