Georgia Grand Jury Investigation of Trump and 2020 Election: Foreperson Reveals What to Expect

A grand jury in Georgia has been investigating President Donald Trump and the 2020 election for weeks, and the foreperson of the jury has now revealed that the jury is likely to make indictments.

The foreperson, who chose to remain anonymous, told CNN that the jury’s findings “will not be shocking.” This statement comes after The New York Times reported that the jury had recommended multiple indictments.

The grand jury has been the focus of intense media coverage, and the foreperson has recently been making the rounds on cable news. On “Breakdown,” a show on The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the foreperson discussed the investigation and the importance of reading between the lines.

The Hill reported that petty politics should not dictate whether or not Trump is charged with a crime. Fox News has reported that the foreperson’s media blitz has been a “prosecutor’s nightmare.”

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