GILGO BEACH SERIAL KILLING SUSPECT CHARGED WITH NEW CRIMES – Rex Heuermann accused of planning detailed killings as prosecutors reveal shocking new evidence

New York, USA – Rex Heuermann, the suspected perpetrator behind the Gilgo Beach serial killings, faced charges on Thursday for the deaths of two additional women. Prosecutors revealed that Heuermann allegedly maintained a detailed “planning document” to track his criminal activities.

The New York architect, Rex Heuermann, entered a plea of not guilty to charges related to the murders of Sandra Costilla and Jessica Taylor, whose bodies were discovered in 1993 and 2003, respectively. The new charges extend the timeline of the case, which had remained unsolved for over a decade, plagued by conflicts among officials before progress was finally made in 2022.

Authorities have long suspected Heuermann in Taylor’s death, but the charge related to Costilla suggests that the perpetrator may have been active for longer than initially thought. Heuermann now faces a total of six murder charges, including those of the “Gilgo Four,” whose bodies were found less than a mile from where the remains of Costilla and Taylor were discovered.

Defense attorney Michael Brown did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but he acknowledged that his client faced serious charges. The details of the case emerged from a court record indicating that Heuermann meticulously planned his killings, displaying intent and methodical thinking in each crime. The document found at his home reportedly outlined specific details such as dump sites and lists of problems to avoid detection.

Authorities have linked Heuermann to the deaths through DNA evidence and other forensic clues found at the crime scenes. The case has garnered public attention for years, spurring the creation of a task force dedicated to solving the crimes. A breakthrough in the investigation came in early 2023 when DNA evidence collected from a pizza box matched Heuermann’s DNA to one found on another victim, Megan Waterman.

As the case unfolds, more details continue to surface, shedding light on the disturbing events that took place in Gilgo Beach. The community remains on edge as the investigation progresses, bringing closure to families of the victims and a sense of justice to a case that had remained unsolved for so long.