“Global Yields Climb as Traders Lean Toward Fed Hike by July” – Fed Hike

Shares on the global market have stalled as bond markets reprice rate expectations. According to Reuters, the global market has been hit with uncertainty as investors look towards bond yields for guidance on market direction. Bloomberg reports that bonds everywhere have fallen due to signs that central banks will hike interest rates. Meanwhile, global yields are climbing as traders lean towards a Fed hike by July, according to Yahoo Finance.

The wait for the Fed, however, continues. ForexLive reports that investors are still waiting for the Fed to make a move, with some predicting that the Federal Reserve will wait until September before making any changes to interest rates.

All eyes are also on the Bank of Canada (BOC) as hawkish hike concerns have analysts worried. According to Forex.com US, the AUD/USD and AUD/CAD analysis show that hawkish hike concerns are worrying doves on the market.

With uncertainty still looming over the market, investors and traders are expected to remain cautious throughout the coming weeks.