Google Gemini Expands: Now Available on Android Phones Across Asia and Europe – Check Out the Latest Features and Discover How to Access It!

San Francisco, CA – Last week, technology giant Google announced the rebranding of its chatbot from Bard to Gemini, as well as the release of Gemini for Android and iOS smartphones. Initially only available in the US and in English, the availability of Gemini has now been expanded to more countries in Asia and Europe.

Multiple users across Asia and Europe reported that they are now able to access Gemini on their Android smartphones. Some have managed to sideload the app’s APK file to get it working, while others have faced issues with accessing it. Google had previously announced plans to make Gemini available to more users, and it seems that the company is making progress towards that goal.

Jack Krawczyk, the leader of Gemini’s development, had previously stated that the AI assistant would soon be available in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America. However, with its recent availability in Asia and Europe, it is clear that Google is working diligently to expand its reach. Although Gemini currently lacks some features present in Google Assistant, Google is committed to closing this functionality gap.

Powered by Google’s Gemini LLM, the chatbot is equipped with advanced natural language understanding capabilities and is context-aware, allowing it to engage in meaningful conversations with users. It also offers a new user interface compared to Google Assistant, indicating Google’s intention to fully replace its current assistant with Gemini on Android devices in the future.