Gov. DeSantis’ NYC Visit Sparks Controversy Over Crime, ‘Woke’ Politics, and Law Enforcement

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on a tour of New York City, meant to show that he is tough on crime. The governor’s team has fired back at New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who offered to teach DeSantis about NYC values.

Adams took a shot at DeSantis ahead of his visit to Staten Island, stating that the Florida governor did not understand the values of the city. During his visit to Staten Island, DeSantis slammed state bail laws and politicians who, he said, were too “woke” to enforce the law.

The visit comes as New York City is set to hold elections for its government. DeSantis is the latest politician to visit the city, and his visit is seen as a sign of support for law enforcement and pro-law enforcement politicians.

This story is ongoing and more details will be released as they become available.