Government’s use of WhatsApp under scrutiny as Boris Johnson’s messages become focal point of Covid inquiry

In the latest news surrounding the Covid-19 inquiry in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has found himself in the midst of a WhatsApp row. Johnson has announced that he will be sending WhatsApp messages directly to the inquiry, which has caused controversy due to concerns over transparency and potential evidence tampering.

The move has been met with criticism from opposition politicians, as well as some members of Johnson’s own party. Critics argue that the prime minister’s decision to use WhatsApp raises serious questions about accountability and the ability of the inquiry to carry out its duties impartially.

Furthermore, a government minister has admitted that the government will probably lose a legal case brought by campaign group, the Good Law Project. The group is seeking transparency from the government regarding its procurement of PPE during the pandemic.

This latest development has sparked renewed scrutiny of the government’s use of WhatsApp to conduct official business. The Guardian reported that the government is heavily reliant on the messaging app for communication, raising concerns over the security of sensitive information and potential breaches of data protection regulations.

One former member of Johnson’s cabinet, George Osborne, has also come under fire in relation to the Covid inquiry. The Guardian has accused Osborne of destroying Britain’s safety net during his time in government, and argue that the inquiry should hold him accountable for his actions.

Overall, the ongoing Covid-19 inquiry continues to generate new controversies and revelations, as the UK government faces increasing scrutiny over its handling of the pandemic.