“Greece Mourns as Most Victims of Train Crash are Identified – Could Privatization be to Blame?”

A tragic train collision that occurred on Monday in Greece has left 57 people dead and more than 80 injured. The crash caused two coaches to derail and slam into a house near the town of Aegio.

Rescue teams rushed to the site to help passengers trapped in the wreckage, while investigators have been trying to determine the cause of the accident. According to some local reports, there were signals indicating that two trains were on the same track, which led to the collision.

As the search continues for answers, the families of the victims are mourning their loved ones. The first funeral was held on Thursday for one of the deceased, while the bodies of the majority of the victims have been identified and returned to their families in closed caskets.

The tragedy has raised concerns about the safety of Greece’s railways and prompted questions about the possible role of privatization in the country’s transport infrastructure. Privatization has been a controversial topic in Greece, with some arguing that it could lead to cutbacks and reduced safety standards in public services.

Meanwhile, the week was filled with a range of news, from the tragic train crash in Greece to lighter fare such as a collection of 32 photos from around the world showcased by CNN. As the investigation into the collision continues, the world mourns the lives lost and hopes for answers and improvements in the country’s transportation systems.