Grizzly Bear Attack Survivor Shares Harrowing Ordeal in Wyoming Wilderness

SOUTH HADLEY, MA – A man from South Hadley, Massachusetts, recently shared a frightening encounter he had with a grizzly bear on social media. The incident occurred on Sunday, May 19, in Moose, Wyoming near the Signal Mountain Summit Road, leaving the 35-year-old man, Shayne Patrick Burke, seriously injured.

Burke described the harrowing ordeal he faced during the bear attack, emphasizing his love and respect for wildlife. Despite being a disabled Army Reserve Veteran with prior experiences of violence, he recounted the bear encounter as one of the most violent he had ever faced. Burke was in the area to photograph a Great Grey Owl when he encountered a mother grizzly and her cub, resulting in the attack.

As Burke attempted to make his way back to safety, he encountered the bear cub first, followed by the mother bear charging towards him. In a brave attempt to defend himself, Burke deployed bear spray but was ultimately overpowered by the aggression of the bear. The bear inflicted severe injuries to Burke, including multiple bites to his legs and back. However, a fortunate turn of events occurred when the bear spray he had used exploded in the bear’s mouth, causing it to retreat momentarily.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Burke remained calm and began taking measures to prevent further bleeding by applying improvised tourniquets to his legs. Through a phone call with his wife and emergency services, the location of his attack was triangulated, leading to his rescue by helicopter. His quick thinking and the use of bear spray were credited for potentially saving his life during the attack.

While Burke’s injuries were serious, he is expected to make a full recovery, showcasing resilience in the face of a terrifying encounter with wildlife. The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters and the importance of being prepared when exploring nature. Burke’s experience sheds light on the risks involved in outdoor activities and the need for vigilance when in bear country.