“Guilty Verdict: Hunter Biden Found Guilty on Three Felony Gun Charges After Shocking Trial”|NBC News Story

WILMINGTON, Del. – Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was found guilty of three felony gun charges by a Delaware jury on Tuesday. The trial, which lasted a week, focused on Hunter Biden’s history of drug addiction.

Charged in federal court in Wilmington, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to three felony counts related to the possession of a gun while using narcotics. After deliberating for about three hours, the jury returned with the historic verdict, to which Hunter Biden nodded slightly as it was read.

This trial marked the first involving the offspring of a sitting president. As Joe Biden faces a tough re-election battle against Donald Trump, First Lady Jill Biden was notably absent in the courtroom when the verdict was delivered. However, she arrived shortly afterward and went into a holding room where Hunter Biden was present.

Two of the charges against Hunter Biden carry maximum prison sentences of 10 years, while the third has a maximum of five years. The federal sentencing guidelines suggest a potential sentence of over a year in prison, but the judge has the authority to impose a different sentence. Each count also carries a maximum fine of $250,000, with no sentencing date scheduled yet.

President Biden, in a statement, expressed his love and pride for his son, acknowledging the verdict and pledging support for Hunter. Despite having the power to pardon his son, the president stated in a previous interview that he would not do so.

During the trial, explicit testimony from three of Hunter Biden’s former romantic partners revealed details about his chronic drug use. Prosecutors emphasized Biden’s struggles with drug addiction, referencing passages from his own book to support their case. Defense attorney Abbe Lowell argued that Biden did not knowingly violate the law at the time of the gun purchase.

The trial also brought to light interactions and conversations between Hunter Biden and his family members, including exchanges related to his drug use. Witnesses testified about Hunter Biden’s drug use and his attempts at concealing it, shedding light on the complexities of his personal struggles.

Despite the plea deal that was initially considered, which would have included probation for tax charges, the rejection of the deal led to further legal action. The case is set to go to trial in September in California, adding another layer of complexity to Hunter Biden’s legal challenges.

Overall, the trial showcased the intersection of personal struggles, legal consequences, and familial dynamics, ultimately resulting in a significant verdict that has implications for both Hunter Biden and his family.