Hammer-wielding attacker found guilty in California trial for assault on Paul Pelosi – shocking details revealed in court proceedings!

San Francisco, California – A California jury has reached a verdict in the state trial of David DePape, finding him guilty on all charges related to the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. DePape, 44, had already been convicted in a federal trial for the same assault that occurred in 2022. The state jury deliberated for several days before delivering their decision on Friday afternoon.

DePape was charged with multiple felonies, including false imprisonment of an elderly person, residential burglary, threatening a family member of a public official, dissuading a witness, and aggravated kidnapping, which carries a life sentence without parole. The sentencing for DePape will be scheduled at a later date.

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins expressed satisfaction with the guilty verdict, stating that it ensures DePape will face consequences for his crimes against the Pelosi family and the democratic process. Jenkins acknowledged the collaboration of law enforcement agencies in achieving justice and commended the Pelosi family for their courage and resilience.

Despite the conviction, DePape’s public defender, Adam Lipson, expressed disappointment with the outcome. Lipson argued that the charges filed against DePape, particularly the aggravated kidnapping charge, were unwarranted. He described his client as someone who had led an isolated life and had become entangled in conspiracy theories.

During the trial, DePape did not testify in his defense, and the judge dismissed three of the initial charges he faced, citing double jeopardy concerns following his federal conviction. The prosecution presented strong evidence of DePape’s intrusion into the Pelosi residence, where he held Paul Pelosi hostage with a hammer and made threats against him and his wife.

Paul Pelosi testified during the trial about the night of the attack, recounting DePape’s menacing behavior with a hammer and zip ties. The aftermath of the assault left Pelosi with significant injuries, including a skull fracture, resulting in a lengthy hospitalization and surgery.

The verdict in the state trial follows DePape’s sentencing in the federal case, where he was initially given a 30-year prison term. Subsequently, the sentencing was readdressed due to procedural errors, leading to DePape expressing remorse for his actions during a resentencing hearing.

DePape’s legal team has filed an appeal following his federal sentencing. The incident, captured on police body camera footage, revealed the violent nature of the attack that left Paul Pelosi severely injured. The case underscores the importance of addressing threats against public officials and their families, as well as the ramifications of violent acts on victims and their loved ones.