Hear George Santos Caught Lying to Judge to Help ‘Family Friend’ Charged with Fraud

George Santos, a Seattle resident and former Goldman Sachs employee, was caught lying to a judge in a 2017 recording. According to a report from The Washington Post, Santos lied to a judge about working for Goldman Sachs in order to help a family friend charged with fraud.

Santos was recorded by POLITICO making false claims about his employment with Goldman Sachs in an attempt to assist the family friend. The recording was obtained by The Independent and shared with MSNBC, who reported that Santos was caught on tape lying to the judge.

The tape was then shared by POLITICO in their Playbook PM segment, which featured Santos lying to the judge.

The case has since been widely reported on by multiple news outlets, with a full coverage available on USNN.

Santos has yet to comment on the situation.