Heat Dome: Record-Breaking Temperatures Set to Scorch Western United States!

Los Angeles, California – As temperatures soar across the Western United States, a heat dome originally from Mexico is pushing northward, bringing scorching heat and record high temperatures from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest this week. The interior of California is expected to experience some of the most intense heat during this period.

Wednesday through Friday are projected to be the hottest days, with temperatures soaring at least 10 to 20 degrees above normal before a slight relief over the weekend. Anticipated temperatures range from 100 to 110 in much of the interior West, with some desert areas expected to surpass 110, even reaching up to 120 degrees in extreme cases, setting dozens of record highs.

Residents in interior California, southern portions of Arizona, Nevada, and southern Utah are under excessive heat watches, warnings, and advisories, including major cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Phoenix. Approximately 25 million residents are currently affected by these heat alerts, and the number is expected to increase as the heatwave peaks later this week.

The Desert Southwest faces the most extreme heat, with warnings coming into effect on Wednesday for cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Death Valley, and surrounding desert regions. Even California’s Central Valley cities like Bakersfield, Fresno, and Sacramento are under heat warnings. Heat advisories extend to the eastern portions of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Weather Service’s HeatRisk product highlights areas most at risk due to potentially dangerous temperatures, showing significant impacts in the Southwest and California’s Central Valley from Wednesday to Friday. Some pockets in southeastern California and southern Nevada may experience extreme HeatRisk conditions on Thursday and Friday.

Record-breaking temperatures are expected in numerous locations across the West. Las Vegas could reach 108 on Wednesday, while Phoenix and Death Valley are forecasted to set record highs. In California’s Central Valley, highs could surpass 105 by Wednesday. Northern California and the Pacific Northwest will also experience record-challenging heat by the end of the week.

The persistent heatwave poses a significant danger, especially due to the lack of relief at night, making it particularly hazardous. Early heatwaves in the year are concerning as people have not yet acclimatized to hot weather. With above-normal temperatures expected to continue in the West through mid-June, the heatwave coincides with record-setting global temperatures over the past year.

As high temperatures become more extreme and prolonged due to climate change, the current heatwave in the Western US may be just a preview of more severe conditions to come in the upcoming summer months.