Heroic Firefighter Adopts Cat Rescued from Turkey Earthquake Rubble

The rescue effort in the aftermath of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey on February 17th has come to an end in all but two areas. The earthquake, which was felt in both Turkey and Syria, left dozens dead and hundreds injured.

For some, the destruction of their homes was their saving grace. One couple in the province of Elazig was woken up by their bedroom collapsing around them. While the destruction of their home was devastating, it also saved their lives as they were able to escape the rubble before it completely collapsed.

The Turkish government has announced that rescue operations in most of the affected provinces have been completed. However, two provinces, Elazig and Malatya, are still in need of assistance.

In addition to the human toll, the earthquake also caused destruction to animal life. A Turkish firefighter in the province of Elazig was able to rescue a cat trapped underneath rubble and has since adopted it.

The death toll of this disaster is still unknown and the full extent of the destruction is still being assessed. The Turkish government is continuing to provide aid to those affected by the earthquake and is helping to rebuild the area.

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