Honduras strengthens ties with China, opens embassy after cutting off Taiwan relationship

Honduras opened its embassy in China over the weekend, officially cutting ties with Taiwan. The move comes as China has ramped up its efforts to destabilize Taiwan and increase its influence in Latin America. The embassy opened after Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez’s trip to China last week where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and signed agreements worth over $500 million.

However, the shift in ties from Taiwan to China has been met with criticism from some observers who warn of China’s growing authoritarianism and its potential impact on Honduras. In a recent article for Global Americans, writer David H. Landau highlights the risk of falling for China’s populist authoritarianism, which has taken root in other countries throughout the region.

In addition, Honduras has requested entry to the BRICS-led development bank during Hernandez’s trip to China, further solidifying the country’s relationship with its new partner. Following the meeting with Xi Jinping, Hernandez commented on the growing importance of relations with China, stating that China is “a remarkable country, with extraordinary capacity and with which we can work.”

As Honduras makes the shift towards China, the question remains whether the country will pursue a path towards democracy or become entangled in China’s authoritarian model of development. Only time will tell whether this move will ultimately benefit Honduras or prove to be detrimental to its future.