Hunter Biden Gun Trial: The Verdict is In – Click to Find Out Hunter Biden’s Fate!

Wilmington, Delaware – Jurors are currently in deliberations for the federal gun trial of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, who faces three felony charges related to his purchase of a revolver back in October 2018.

Hunter Biden’s defense team chose not to have him testify, as they pondered the decision over the weekend. The trial concluded on Monday morning following the FBI special agent Erika Jensen’s review of text messages introduced last week, where the defense highlighted inconsistencies in the location data and other supposed gaps in the narrative of Hunter Biden’s actions.

Throughout the trial, Hunter Biden’s family members, including First Lady Jill Biden, daughter Ashley Biden, Valerie and Jimmy Biden, and his wife Melissa Cohen Biden, have shown unwavering support by attending court sessions.

The crux of the prosecution’s case revolved around Hunter Biden’s alleged false statements on a federal gun form concerning his drug use at the time of the gun purchase. Testimonies from relatives and the gun seller painted a picture of Hunter’s struggles with addiction, with his ex-wife and girlfriend shedding light on his drug use.

Hallie Biden, widow of Hunter’s late brother Beau Biden, testified as a key witness, revealing details about Hunter’s drug use and her discovery of the gun. Despite Hunter’s documented history of addiction, his defense team maintained that he did not consider himself an addict during the time of the gun purchase.

Naomi Biden, Hunter’s daughter, testified about her father’s battles with addiction following Beau Biden’s death, conveying a sense of concern but also acknowledging his efforts to conceal his drug use. The trial proceeded without President Biden’s presence, although several members of the Biden family attended, showing solidarity throughout the court proceedings.