Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty: Full Breakdown of the Federal Gun Charges Hanging Over The President’s Son

WILMINGTON, Del. — Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has indicated his intention to plead not guilty to federal gun charges, according to a court filing. Biden also requested that his first court appearance be conducted remotely.

Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, detailed in a letter to Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke that Biden will maintain his innocence concerning the three felony gun charges tied to his possession of a revolver in 2018. This stance, according to Lowell, will remain unaltered, whether the initial appearance is conducted in person or via a video conference.

Lowell also noted that Biden’s request for a remote court appearance is not an attempt at special treatment. He asserted his client would willingly attend proceedings that require his physical presence. He also emphasized that conducting the proceedings over a video conference would not infringe on Mr. Biden’s constitutional rights and allows him to affirm his not-guilty plea.

Last week, Hunter Biden was brought up on three charges linked to his procurement of a weapon in 2018. The charges include a false statement on a federal form and possession of a firearm by a prohibited individual. Prosecutors allege that Biden was engaged in drug use at the time, which made him legally ineligible to own the firearm. Additionally, it is alleged that he failed to disclose his drug use on a federal form.

Earlier this summer, an effort was made by Hunter Biden to negotiate a settlement with prosecutors related to these firearm allegations and two tax misdemeanors. However, this diversion agreement unravelled after a federal judge scrutinized its limitations, which were sources of disagreement between the prosecutors and Biden’s defense attorneys.

During his court appearance in July, when his plea deal was declined, Hunter Biden was fingerprinted and photographed, although these images have not been made public due to the proceedings taking place in a federal court.

Biden’s attorney claimed that his client’s in-person court appearance would place a strain on government resources due to the Secret Service’s responsibility to ensure Biden’s safe transportation and additional security requirements at the Wilmington, Delaware, courthouse. However, the judge highlighted that the prosecutors were against this request on Monday.