Hurricane Beryl Disrupts 3,500 Flights – Airlines Struggle with Cancellations in Texas

Houston, Texas is facing a challenging day as Hurricane Beryl made landfall, causing chaos for airlines operating in the area. With hundreds of flights canceled and thousands delayed, the impact of the storm is being keenly felt in the aviation industry. Major airlines like United and Southwest are grappling with the aftermath of the hurricane, with significant disruptions to their flight schedules.

United Airlines tops the list with the highest number of flight cancellations, followed closely by Southwest. The flight tracking website FlightAware reported a total of 486 canceled flights by United and 346 by Southwest on Monday morning. The majority of these cancellations are affecting flights departing from or arriving at Texas airports, particularly in Houston.

Hurricane Beryl, initially a Category 1 storm, has weakened to a tropical storm as it continues to churn over eastern Texas. The region is experiencing heavy rainfall, with some areas receiving up to 3 inches per hour. The storm is forecasted to move through the Lower Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley in the coming days, posing potential risks of flooding and storm surge.

Airlines like United and American have taken precautionary measures by suspending operations at Houston airports, offering flexibility to passengers to reschedule their flights without incurring additional fees. American Airlines confirmed the suspension of operations until early afternoon, while United Airlines is monitoring conditions and adjusting their schedules accordingly.

Southwest Airlines also announced flight cancellations at multiple Texas airports, including Corpus Christi International Airport, in response to the storm. The carrier advised passengers to check for any schedule changes and disruptions as the storm progresses. The situation remains fluid, with airlines closely monitoring the evolving weather conditions to ensure the safety of both passengers and crew.

In times of natural disasters like Hurricane Beryl, the aviation industry faces significant challenges in maintaining regular operations. Passengers are urged to stay informed about their flights and be prepared for possible delays or cancellations as airlines navigate through the impacts of the storm. As the situation unfolds, airlines are working diligently to minimize disruptions and ensure the well-being of all travelers.