“Hurricane Beryl” wreaks havoc in the Caribbean, leaving a trail of destruction and death – Cayman Islands and Mexico on high alert

Kingston, Jamaica, is facing the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl as the storm heads toward the Cayman Islands and Mexico. This powerful storm has left a trail of destruction in Jamaica, resulting in at least two deaths, downed power lines, and hundreds of people displaced and seeking shelter.

Authorities in Jamaica have reported that a 26-year-old man was swept away by floodwaters in the capital, Kingston, while attempting to retrieve a ball during the storm. Additionally, a woman has also been reported missing after being swept away by floodwaters. The total death toll in the Caribbean due to Hurricane Beryl now stands at nine.

While the storm has weakened to a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 mph, it is still expected to cause significant damage in the Cayman Islands. A hurricane warning is in place as the storm’s eye moves toward the south of the islands, bringing strong winds, storm surges, damaging waves, heavy rainfall, and the potential for floods to the region.

In Mexico, preparations are underway as communities on the Caribbean coast are being evacuated in anticipation of the storm’s arrival. Sea turtle eggs have been relocated to protect them from potential destruction caused by storm surges. A hurricane watch has been issued for Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, urging residents to be prepared for the impact of Hurricane Beryl.

Jamaica’s hurricane warning has been lifted, but a flash flood warning remains in effect as heavy rainfall continues. Residents in affected areas are facing the daunting task of rebuilding and recovering from the devastation caused by the storm.

As Hurricane Beryl moves towards the Yucatan Peninsula, it is expected to strengthen as a Category 2 storm before entering the southern Gulf of Mexico. The impact of the storm on the Gulf Coast of Texas is uncertain, but coastal residents are being advised to stay vigilant and informed about weather conditions over the holiday weekend.

The National Hurricane Center has issued warnings about the potential for the storm to restrengthen over the warm waters of the Gulf and reach the U.S. as a hurricane. Regardless of the storm’s track, rip currents could pose life-threatening risks along the Gulf coast from late Friday through the weekend.

The Caribbean islands have suffered widespread devastation, with reports of extensive damage to homes and infrastructure. Rebuilding efforts will require significant resources and support to help affected communities recover from the impact of Hurricane Beryl.