Husband Charged with First-Degree Murder in Jordan Lake Case: Family Seeks Justice

PITTSBORO, N.C. – Omar Matthew Ibrahim Drabick has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Hadeel Ghadhanfer Hikmat, whose body was found in Jordan Lake in August. Court documents suggest that Drabick allegedly killed Hikmat before disposing of her body in the lake. The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office arrested Drabick on Tuesday morning, charging him with murder and concealment of an unnatural death.

Firas Hikmat, the victim’s brother, expressed conflicting emotions upon hearing the news of Drabick’s arrest. “I don’t know exactly if I’m happy that Omar is in jail or sad because of my sister’s murder, Hadeel. Nothing can bring her back,” he said.

Authorities were alerted to Hikmat’s disappearance on August 29 when a boater discovered a body near a boat ramp on Farrington Point Road at Jordan Lake. The identity of the body was later confirmed to be Hikmat, and investigators determined that her death was not accidental or self-inflicted.

Firas Hikmat, who resides in Istanbul, Turkey, said that he had concerns about his sister’s safety before she vanished. Learning of her murder devastated him, and he now seeks answers and justice. “We are burning,” he stated. “We lost our sister; we want justice.”

In the wake of Firas Hikmat’s heartfelt plea, law enforcement conducted raids at two properties in Wake County known to be frequented by Drabick. Though evidence was collected during the search, no arrests were made at that time.

Sheriff Mike Robertson addressed the case, expressing sympathy for Hikmat’s family and acknowledging the broader issue of domestic violence. He urged individuals in abusive relationships to seek help and support.

Drabick’s next court appearance is scheduled for September 25. The investigation into the murder of Hadeel Ghadhanfer Hikmat continues as authorities work to uncover the full extent of the circumstances surrounding her tragic death.