India’s Deadliest Train Crash Kills 300: Prime Minister Modi Visits Scene of Disaster as Officials Investigate Safety Measures

Nearly 300 people have died and hundreds more have been injured in what officials are calling India’s deadliest train crash in decades. The accident occurred in the eastern state of Odisha, and authorities say that the cause may have been faulty tracks. The crash happened when an express train derailed and collided with another train, resulting in rescue operations that lasted throughout the night. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly visited the crash site and expressed condolences to the families of the victims. Politicians and VIPs have also arrived in the area to show support and solidarity. The crash has prompted renewed calls for increased investment in India’s railway infrastructure, which is estimated to carry over 23 million passengers per day. Critics say that the country’s aging tracks and outdated signaling systems are to blame for many accidents. In response, the Indian government has pledged to allocate more funding to improve the safety and reliability of the nation’s railways.