Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: Live Results, Undercard, Scorecard, and Everything You Need to Know!

The long-awaited fight between YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has finally come to a close. After weeks of anticipation, the two squared off in the ring in a highly-anticipated fight.

The fight was broadcast live on CBS Sports and fans were able to follow along with the action with live updates and scorecards.

Prior to the fight, Yahoo Sports reported that Paul was facing his first ‘real’ boxer, but with Fury’s opponents at 24-176-5, questions were raised as to whether Fury was a legitimate boxer.

CNN reported on how to watch the fight and what viewers needed to know. MMA Fighting reported that Fury had called Paul an ‘idiot’ and accused him of having fought a number of ‘old men, MMA fighters and basketball players’ in the past.

Finally, Yahoo Sports provided round-by-round coverage of the fight, with the results now available on USNN.