“Jamie Foxx Rushed to Hospital with Medical Emergency: Family Gives Update on His Recovery”

Actor and musician Jamie Foxx was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night after suffering a medical emergency in Atlanta, according to reports from his family. It was later reported that Foxx had a “medical complication” but is expected to recover.

The news of Foxx’s emergency was first reported by the Daily Mail, citing sources close to the actor. The report stated that Foxx had been rushed to an Atlanta hospital, but the details of his condition were not immediately clear.

Subsequently, TMZ reported that Foxx had a “medical complication” and was hospitalized on Tuesday night but was recovering. TMZ’s sources also stated that Foxx was in good spirits and would be released from the hospital soon.

E! News also reported on Foxx’s medical emergency, stating that the actor had suffered a complication and was being treated at an Atlanta hospital. However, the same report also cited sources close to Foxx who said he was recovering and was in good spirits.

KTLA Los Angeles and PEOPLE also reported on Foxx’s hospitalization, with both outlets citing sources close to the actor who said he was expected to recover.

Foxx is best known for his roles in films such as “Ray,” “Django Unchained,” and “Just Mercy.” He is also an accomplished musician, having won Grammy Awards for his music.

As of now, further details about Foxx’s condition have not been released.