“Jimmy Kimmel’s Controversial Slap Joke at Oscars 2023 Sparks Outrage and Applause”

Jimmy Kimmel’s Slap Joke at Oscars Causes Controversy

The Oscars hosted by Jimmy Kimmel have caused a stir after his monologue referred to Will Smith’s slap in 2023. Kimmel joked that “if anyone commits an act of violence, you will be awarded Best Actor.” This sparked controversy among viewers and several celebrities spoke out against the joke, stating that it was insensitive and trivialized domestic violence.

Kimmel’s history of controversial jokes and pranks was also brought up, with Fox News highlighting his “5 most embarrassing moments” as host. His mockery of Tom Cruise, James Cameron, and others who did not show up at the event was criticized as well.

On the other hand, some defended Kimmel, suggesting that the joke was taken out of context and that the Oscars are meant to be a lighthearted and entertaining event. Parade Magazine weighed in on the controversy by reporting on Kimmel’s net worth and how it has been impacted by his role as host of the annual awards show.

Despite the backlash, Kimmel has not issued an apology or retracted his comment. The discussion surrounding the joke continues on social media, with some calling for Kimmel’s resignation and others defending his right to free speech. The controversy has once again highlighted the important role of humor in public discourse and the need for sensitivity and respect towards all individuals and communities.