Joe Biden stumbles during Air Force Academy graduation speech, but is “fine”

On Saturday, President Joe Biden stumbled during a speech he gave to Air Force Academy graduates in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Despite his fall, aides have assured the public that the President is doing fine.

The incident occurred when Biden was walking off the stage after delivering a speech to the graduates. As he descended the ramp, he stumbled and fell to his left knee before quickly standing up again and dusting off his pants. After a few seconds, Biden smiled and waved to the crowd before making his way towards his motorcade.

Despite concerns from some Republicans, who have accused the President of being weak and frail, Biden’s team has assured the public that the incident was nothing more than a simple stumble. The President’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, issued a statement shortly afterwards, stating that “in the interest of transparency, I can confirm that President Biden is doing fine and sustained no injuries from today’s incident.”

The incident quickly gained widespread attention, with many news outlets running coverage of it. A replay of the graduation ceremony, including Biden’s stumble, was also made available online.

Despite the attention, however, Biden’s stumble is not expected to have any significant impact on his presidency. The President’s approval ratings have remained relatively strong over the past few months, and he remains focused on advancing his policy agenda.