Journey to the Heart of Alex Murdaugh’s Trial: Visit to South Carolina Crime Scene and Shocking Testimony

The Alex Murdaugh murder trial is coming to a close as jurors prepare to visit the South Carolina home where his wife and son were killed. The defense team for Murdaugh, who is accused of killing his family, is expected to rest its case on Monday after a shocking admission from Murdaugh on the stand.

The jury will be able to view a livestream of the trial on February 27, though a warning has been issued that the footage may be graphic. Murdaugh’s brother has also taken the stand and recounted his experience of cleaning up the remains of his nephew Paul at the crime scene.

The trial has been widely covered by the media, with Fox News, CBS News, and MSNBC all reporting on the case. Viewers can keep up with the latest developments by accessing the full coverage of the case on USNN.