“Justice Department Rules Trump Can be Sued by Police for Inciting Jan. 6 Riot”

The Department of Justice pushed back against former President Donald Trump’s claims of presidential immunity for his January 6 speech, stating that he can be sued by the police over the Capitol riots. According to CNN, the Justice Department argued that Trump is not immune from litigation for inciting the insurrection that took place in the Capitol. The department also informed the appeals court that Trump can be held accountable for his actions, and the police can sue him.

The Guardian US reported live that the Justice Department said Trump is not entitled to immunity over January 6 lawsuits. The department’s decision would open the door for Capitol Police officers and other law enforcement officials to file lawsuits against Trump for the violence and damage he caused. This decision is considered a significant legal setback for Trump, who has been fighting to avoid accountability for his role in the insurrection.

USA Today revealed that the Department of Justice urged the appeals court to allow lawsuits against Trump for inciting the insurrection. Trump’s lawyers had argued that he was immune from any lawsuits for acts he carried out during his presidency, but the DOJ said that was not the case, as the ex-president was not acting as a public official when he incited the Capitol riots.

NBC News reported that the Justice Department also stated that Trump can be sued by the police over Jan. 6. The department said Trump was not acting within the scope of his employment when he incited the Capitol riots, which could expose him to civil lawsuits.

The Washington Post pointed out that this is a major blow to Trump’s legal strategy as he faces numerous lawsuits and investigations for his actions during his presidency. Despite his claims of immunity, it seems that Trump may face accountability for his role in inciting the insurrection at the US Capitol.