Kennedy Jr. Super PAC Releases Controversial Super Bowl Ad – See Family’s Divided Reaction!

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During this year’s Super Bowl, a 30-second ad was aired in support of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent 2024 run, sponsored by a super PAC called American Values 2024. The ad is a recreation of a vintage political ad from John F. Kennedy’s 1960 presidential campaign, titled “Kennedy for Me.” While the ad originally aired was funded by American Values 2024, Kennedy later apologized for it.

The 30-second Super Bowl ad features a shortened version of the original 1960 ad jingle and comes at a time when both of Kennedy’s top competitors, President Biden and former President Donald Trump, are being criticized for their advanced age. Kennedy has embraced his family’s political legacy and shared nostalgic images with his family on social media, highlighting the Kennedy family’s influence on his life.

Following the airing of the ad, members of the Kennedy family criticized Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign. RFK Jr. issued an apology to his family for any pain caused by the ad, emphasizing that he was not directly involved in its creation and that super PACs are prohibited from consulting with him or his staff.

Despite the controversy surrounding the ad, a video of it remained pinned to the top of Kennedy’s social media profile followed by a link to donate to his campaign, further fueling the discussion about his controversial views on vaccines and the coronavirus. His campaign has been deemed “dangerous to our country” by four of his siblings, and even JFK’s only grandson has publicly criticized RFK Jr.’s political ambitions.

The controversy surrounding the Super Bowl ad and RFK Jr.’s controversial views has sparked renewed debate on the Kennedy family’s political legacy and its relevance in the present day. As the 2024 campaign season continues, the ad and subsequent events will likely have a lasting impact on the public’s perception of the Kennedy family and its place in American politics.