**KORE Group Holdings, Inc. Reveals Record Breaking Q1 Earnings Call – What’s Driving the High Teens Growth?**

New York, NY – KORE Group Holdings, Inc. recently held its First Quarter 2024 Earnings Conference Call on May 15, 2024. During the call, key company representatives discussed the financial and business performance for the first quarter, as well as the company’s outlook for 2024. The call featured presentations from Vik Vijayvergiya, Director of Investor Relations, Ronald Totton, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, and Paul Holtz, EVP, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer. The company highlighted the details of their First Quarter 2024 results and emphasized the importance of reviewing the information on their Investor Relations page for further insights.

Ronald Totton, the company’s Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, shared his excitement about joining the KORE team and discussed his initial observations and priorities for the next 90 days. He emphasized the company’s focus on driving both growth and efficiencies to support better margins, increase profitability, and generate positive free cash flow. Totton acknowledged the significant opportunities for growth within existing customer segments and new markets, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing high-value solutions in the IoT space.

Paul Holtz, KORE’s Chief Financial Officer, provided an overview of the company’s financial results for the first quarter. He highlighted a 15.2% year-over-year increase in revenue, with IoT connectivity revenue showing a significant growth of 33% from the previous year. The company also saw improvements in total margins and adjusted EBITDA, indicating positive financial performance.

In response to questions from analysts, the company addressed topics such as key verticals and use cases in their bookings and pipeline, expectations for cash flow from operations, and the company’s focus on driving profitable growth while managing operational efficiencies. Overall, KORE remains optimistic about their future prospects and is committed to delivering value to their customers and shareholders.

As the call concluded, KORE expressed appreciation for the participation and interest from investors and analysts. The company looks forward to providing updates on their progress and performance in future quarterly calls.