“Kosovo-Serbia Conflict Intensifies: NATO Deploys 700 Troops After Violent Clashes”

Violent clashes between Serbs and NATO peacekeepers continue in Kosovo as tensions escalate. The conflict has a long history of violence and deadlock, as illustrated in a recent report by CTV News. This week, Bloomberg reported that NATO plans to deploy an additional 700 troops to the area to address the ongoing violence. The move follows dramatic footage that went viral showing U.S.-led NATO troops being chased and beaten with sticks by Serbs in Kosovo. CNN-News18 reported that Serbs have intensified their protests in response to the situation, adding that the Kosovo-Serbia conflict has become a major concern for the region. CNN also provided an overview of what is known about why ethnic Serbs have attacked NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo. The situation remains volatile, and the international community is closely monitoring the situation.