Kyrie Irving Ready to Sit Out Until Trade is Finalized – Clippers Join Trade Talks

NBA star Kyrie Irving has made it clear: he wants to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets. Now, it appears that the Los Angeles Clippers are part of the trade talks, according to ESPN sources.

Stephen A. Smith, on ESPN’s NBA Countdown, reported that Irving is willing to sit out if he doesn’t get traded. The Herd with Colin Cowherd also reported Irving’s potential departure from the Nets.

According to, the Clippers are part of the trade talks for Irving, and the Nets’ reaction to the situation is still unknown. The website also noted that there are possible suitors for Irving, and billionaire Joe Tsai could be involved in the trade talks.

It remains to be seen how the Irving situation will play out, but it is certain that the Nets are looking to make a deal as soon as possible.