Last-ditch protests in France as unions resist pension overhaul and higher retirement age

France has implemented an unpopular pension reform, mandating that orders must be enacted by September. As a result, nationwide protests have erupted, with trade unions making a last-ditch bid to resist the higher retirement age.

Protesters have been preparing for weeks to stop the French pension overhaul, which they say will negatively impact workers and their families. They are calling for the government to reverse its decision and prioritize the needs of workers, retirees, and their families.

Among the protesters are police officers, firefighters, and transport workers, who are concerned about their pensions and job security. Many fear that the pension reform will force them to work longer and earn less in retirement.

To confront the protests, the French government has ordered a major police presence for June 6, calling it a day of protest. The government hopes that the increased police presence will deter violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement.

Despite this, the trade unions remain determined to resist the pension reform and are urging their members to continue protesting until the government agrees to make changes. The protests have now entered their 14th day, with no clear end in sight.

As the situation continues to evolve, people across France are closely watching the events unfold, anxious for a resolution that protects their retirement security.