Laundromat Owner Murdered in Shocking Plot by Cousin and Accomplices

NEW YORK, NY – The Brooklyn District Attorney announced that five Queens residents have been indicted in connection with the murder of an East Flatbush laundromat owner in a brutal attack last December. Money Perkins, the 37-year-old owner of Money P. Clean/Munir laundromat, was shot 13 times and robbed of his $30,000 gold chain in what authorities believe was a premeditated plot orchestrated by his cousin, Ronnie Butler.

According to the District Attorney’s office, surveillance footage from inside the laundromat captured the harrowing attack, showing Perkins struggling with one of the gunmen before being shot multiple times. The assailants, armed with handguns, then proceeded to attack Perkins further, with one individual identified as Butler snatching the victim’s gold chain.

District Attorney Eric Gonzalez described the crime as a “shocking execution” of a local businessman and father, emphasizing the tragic nature of the incident given the alleged involvement of Perkins’ own cousin. The investigation revealed a longstanding dispute between Butler and Perkins dating back to the opening of the laundromat in 2022.

Prosecutors allege that Butler enlisted the help of his friend Luis Mercado to carry out the murder, who in turn recruited his stepson, Zecharyah Slay, along with two other individuals, Shaleek Riddick and Diante Stinson. The group, all armed with guns, entered the laundromat on the evening of December 3rd and fatally shot Perkins a total of 13 times, aiming at his head, torso, and leg.

Butler, Slay, Riddick, and Stinson have been arraigned on various charges including first-degree murder, second-degree murder, robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, and conspiracy. Mercado, the alleged accomplice, is set to be arraigned later in April. The defendants have been ordered to be held without bail as they await trial.

The tragic murder of Money Perkins has sent shockwaves through the community, shedding light on the dangers of unresolved disputes and the devastating consequences of violence. As the legal process unfolds, authorities are determined to hold all those involved accountable for their roles in this heinous crime that claimed the life of a beloved member of the community.