Libertarian Presidential Nominee Eliminated After Shocking Convention Twist – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Defeated in First Round.

Washington, DC – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. faced a surprising turn of events as he was eliminated from contention for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination during their convention on Sunday.

Kennedy, a former Democrat, made a bid to represent the party in 2024 but was ousted in the first round of voting after receiving support from just 2.07% of delegates. Ultimately, Chase Oliver secured the Libertarian presidential nomination after seven rounds of voting.

During the convention, Kennedy, who spoke at the party’s national gathering in Washington, DC, on Friday, was met with boos from other delegates when his candidacy was put forward. Former President Donald Trump was also nominated on the convention floor but was deemed unqualified due to not submitting nominating papers.

In response to his elimination, Kennedy called on Libertarians to support his campaign, emphasizing the importance of unity in independent and third-party efforts. Despite not originally intending to seek the party’s nomination, Kennedy expressed gratitude for the groundswell of support in the Libertarian Party.

Kennedy’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan, affirmed the relevance of the Libertarian Party and the potential for success in collaboration. Shanahan, a Silicon Valley attorney and entrepreneur, joined Kennedy’s campaign in March, marking her first public comments since joining the ticket.

As Kennedy and Trump continue to clash in the political arena, Kennedy’s national support has risen to double digits in recent polls. This escalating tension has led to increased attacks from Trump, who has labeled Kennedy a “Democrat plant” in a recent video release.

Despite the setbacks at the convention, Kennedy remains committed to his free-market approach and anti-war stance, appealing to Libertarian voters with his support for constitutional rights and criticism of Trump’s handling of Covid-19. With the election approaching, the ongoing rivalry between Kennedy and Trump is poised to impact the outcomes in key states.