Lincoln Man Sentenced to 6-12 Years for Second-Degree Sexual Assault of 10-Year-Old Girl

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA – A Lincoln man, Randy Abbott, has been sentenced to six to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl in December. Lancaster County District Judge Susan Strong handed down the sentence after Abbott pleaded no contest to the charge of second-degree sexual assault of a child. The case came to light in February when the victim disclosed the abuse to a school counselor, leading to Abbott’s arrest.

During the sentencing, Abbott’s attorney, Eddy Rodell, emphasized his client’s remorse and highlighted Abbott’s diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome and depression. However, Abbott chose not to address the court before the sentencing. On the other hand, the prosecuting attorney, Jason Cooper, focused on Abbott’s refusal to take responsibility for his actions and urged the judge to consider the impact of the crime on the victim.

The victim reported the assault occurring just two days after her birthday, on a day when Abbott was supposed to be watching over her. Abbott denied the allegations, but the judge ultimately sentenced him to prison, taking into account the severity of the crime and its impact on the victim.

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of believing and supporting victims of abuse, especially children. It also highlights the complex legal and ethical considerations surrounding cases involving individuals with mental health conditions. Moving forward, it is crucial to continue prioritizing the protection and well-being of vulnerable individuals in our communities.

In conclusion, Randy Abbott’s sentencing for the sexual assault of a child underscores the need for accountability and justice in cases of abuse. The judge’s decision reflects the gravity of the offense and its profound impact on the victim, emphasizing the importance of upholding child protection laws to ensure a safe environment for all.