Lizzo Claps Back at Critics in Powerful New Video: “I’m Not Quitting, I’m Just Blocking Out Negativity”

Los Angeles, California – Pop sensation Lizzo reassures her fans that she is here to stay, despite recent speculations about her departure from the music industry. Following a social media post where she hinted at quitting due to online negativity, the Grammy-winning artist clarifies that she is not stepping away but rather distancing herself from the negativity.

Known for promoting body positivity, Lizzo faced backlash when accusations of fat-shaming surfaced involving one of her dancers. Additionally, a lawsuit from former dancers alleging sexual harassment and a hostile work environment were pointed towards the singer, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson.

In a recent Instagram post on March 30th, Lizzo expressed frustration with being criticized both online and in her personal life, leading to the misconception that she was quitting music. This announcement came shortly after a high-energy performance in New York City, where she thrilled a sold-out audience alongside the presence of three former US presidents.

Criticism arose when Lizzo was chosen to headline an event amidst the ongoing accusations against her. However, in a video posted on Instagram, Lizzo addresses these issues directly, affirming her dedication to her music and her fans. She emphasizes the importance of finding joy and connection through her music, despite facing challenges and negativity from external sources.

Acknowledging the prevalence of negative voices in society, Lizzo remains determined to focus on spreading positivity and love through her art. By staying true to herself and her passion for music, she aims to inspire others to push through adversity and embrace the joy that music can bring.