Louisiana couple shot by their 23-year-old grandson

MOUNT HERMON, LA – In a quiet Louisiana community, a young man is facing charges for the murder of his own grandparents, an incident that has shaken the rural town of Mount Hermon. Colby Stokes, 23, was arrested Wednesday evening, accused of shooting his grandparents and then turning himself in to his neighbors.

Authorities were summoned to the scene after a neighbor received a chilling confession from Stokes and hastily dialed 911. When deputies from the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office arrived, they were confronted with a gruesome scene – Beverly Stokes and Carley Stokes lay wounded from gunshots in their residence. While Carley Stokes was declared dead at the scene, his wife Beverly was transported to a hospital where she, too, was pronounced deceased.

Initially charged with second-degree manslaughter, the charges against Stokes were upgraded to two counts of first-degree murder. The charges did not stop there; Stokes is also facing accusations of cruelty to animals, second-degree aggravated battery, and illegal firearm possession due to his status as a convicted felon.

The newly-appointed Washington County Sheriff Jason Smith disclosed that this was not Stokes’ first offense. Stokes had a troubling history with the law, including a 2018 burglary arrest as a teen when he was accused of stealing firearms. Sheriff Smith commented on the troubled past of the accused, who had struggled with both mental health issues and drug abuse.

The community is reeling from the double homicide, grappling with the distressing situation that has befallen a local family. While Stokes awaits trial, being held without the possibility of bond, the motive behind this disturbing crime remains undisclosed.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, a statement from a family friend conveyed the grief of those close to Beverly and Carley Stokes, expressing the immense difficulty of coming to terms with such profound loss. The sorrow extends throughout Mount Hermon as residents mourn the loss of the elderly couple and face the unsettling reality of violence within their midst.