“Macron’s Comments on Taiwan Leave Senior Official ‘Puzzled’, Spark Outrage and Concern Among Experts”

Macron’s Recent Comments Spark Controversy Over Taiwan and China Policy

French President Emmanuel Macron has caused confusion and outrage among officials and experts with his recent comments on Taiwan and China policy. During an interview with The Economist, Macron suggested that Europe should take an independent stance from the US on Taiwan, which sparked outrage from China. He also mentioned concerns about China’s increasing economic and political power, stating that “we have to respect the balance of power in the world, and not just be dependent on one or two powers.”

These comments have left a senior Taiwanese official “puzzled,” according to Reuters. Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, has been seeking more international recognition and support in recent years. While some see Macron’s comments as a positive sign for Taiwan, others worry that it could escalate tensions with China and harm Europe’s economic relations with the country.

A China policy expert also finds Macron’s remarks “concerning,” NPR reports. China has been increasingly assertive in recent years, particularly in regards to its territorial claims in the South China Sea and its crackdown on pro-democracy movements in Hong Kong. Some experts worry that Europe’s confusion and inconsistent stance on China could weaken its bargaining power and ultimately do a disservice to the world.

Macron’s comments have also gained attention from media outlets, with Bloomberg reporting that he has “outed the quiet part” on the US and China relations. The Japan Times argues that Europe’s confusion over its China policy only harms the global community, and calls for a more consistent and coherent stance.

Overall, Macron’s comments have sparked controversy and raised questions about Europe’s role in the ongoing tensions between the US, China, and Taiwan.