Man beats his 71-year-old mother to death while trying to steal $50 from her

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – In a significant ruling, an Iowa man has been sentenced to five decades behind bars for the killing of his mother, carried out with a homemade weapon known as a “slapjack.”

Elsie Mae Deason, age 71, tragically met her demise in her own residence in Cedar Rapids back in June 2020. After a bench trial in March, her son, George Deason, 53, was convicted of second-degree murder. The details of the crime and subsequent trial reflect a harrowing family tragedy.

During the sentencing hearing, the emotional words from the victim’s family resonated through the courtroom. Deb Deason, the victim’s daughter, shared the lasting trauma of finding her mother’s battered body. “It should have never happened,” Deb said, expressing a profound hatred toward her brother and labeling him a “monster.”

Similarly, Elsie Deason’s sister, Eddie Forde, emphasized the absence of remorse in George Deason’s demeanor, further painting a portrait of him as an unfeeling “animal.”

The Cedar Rapids Police Department delineated the grim sequence of events that unfolded. According to their reports, on June 30, 2020, George Deason brutally attacked his mother. The following day, emergency services were dispatched to her residence following the discovery of her critically injured state. It was revealed that she had been beaten brutally, necessitating urgent hospitalization.

George Deason swiftly emerged as the prime suspect. His arrest by local authorities was not without incident; he physically resisted and assaulted a law enforcement officer before finally being subdued. The police found the slapjack, a weapon comprising a metal object encased in leather, on his person at the time of the capture.

Initially jailed on diverse charges, including assault on a police officer and robbery, investigators believed the assault was fueled by George Deason’s desire to steal $50 from his mother.

The tragedy took a turn for the worse when Elsie Deason passed away on July 23, 2020, succumbing to the grave injuries inflicted by her son. During the trial, it surfaced that Elsie had expressed fear of her son to hospital social workers, concerned he might target her again if released.

In a unique defense, George Deason acknowledged the physical assault but contended that Elsie’s death resulted from subsequent medical complications that were exacerbated when she declined further treatment and physical therapy. However, this argument did not sway the court’s final decision.

In life, Elsie Deason’s passions were her family, particularly her grandchildren, her dogs, her garden, and the melodic sound of wind chimes, as noted in her obituary. Now, with her murderer sentenced to a half-century in prison, her loved ones may find some solace, though the pain of her senseless death lingers.