Man burns stepmother alive, deliberately setting fire to trailer

ROME, GA – A family tragedy in Rome, Georgia, unfurled as authorities apprehended a man accused of setting a fire that consumed his parents’ residence, resulting in the death of his stepmother. According to the Rome Police Department, the man set the blaze following a dispute over the refusal to sell the property.

On arrival at 11 Addington Court, responding officers encountered a mobile home engulfed in flames with reports of a woman trapped. Despite the fierce fire, which blocked all entry points, officers learned that three men were present outside the burning residence: homeowner Edward Lary, 55, his son Timothy Edward Lary, 26, and their neighbor, Quentin Patric Ealy, 30.

Amid the chaos, Edward Lary accused his son, Timothy, of starting the fire, informing the responding officers of his wife’s entrapment inside. When questioned, Timothy Lary openly confessed to the arson.

Earlier that day, tensions had escalated as Timothy Lary demanded that the property, owned by his mother and rented to his father and stepmother, be sold to provide him financial gain. According to Edward Lary, Timothy threatened to burn down the house and later ignited papers in his bedroom, which led to the inferno.

Edward Lary recalled the harrowing moments he attempted to flee with his wife, only later realizing she did not emerge from the home. Authorities believe she attempted to rescue their pets, which sadly perished along with her in the fire.

In the aftermath, Timothy Lary was taken into custody and found in possession of a small torch lighter and marijuana. En route to detainment, he made a chilling remark, looking back at the inferno.

Neighboring witness Quentin Ealy had dialed 911 upon noticing the flames and reported the screams he heard between Timothy and his stepmother, indicating her dire situation.

Timothy Lary now faces a slew of charges, including felony murder, neglect of an elder, cruelty to animals, arson, and aggravated assault. The remains of the victim and the three pets have been sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for further examination.