Man shoots and kills his elderly parents and his wife

MIAMI, FL – A Miami neighborhood was rocked by a horrific tragedy when a local woman discovered four people shot dead in a home while delivering food for an elderly neighbor on Sunday afternoon.

Miami-Dade police arrived at the residence located on the 4500 block of Southwest 137 Court around 2 p.m. following a call about the welfare of the inhabitants. Inside, a gruesome scene awaited: one female victim was found in one bedroom, and another man and woman in a different room. The search continued, revealing a fourth victim, a man in his 60s who appeared to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a firearm lying close to his body.

The slain individuals, who all resided at the property, included one person in hospice care, as per police disclosures. While the police have not released their identities, relatives spoke to the press, suggesting that the deceased were an 85-year-old woman, her former husband, their son, and his wife. According to the family, the son was responsible for the shootings.

Joanna Cruz, the neighbor who stumbled upon the scene, recounted the harrowing moment. She had been bringing food to the elderly lady, who was no longer able to cook for herself. “I saw the elderly lady on the bed and the elderly man’s body on the bed to the left, blood coming out of their mouths, and the wife in the other room,” Cruz relayed, expressing her disbelief and terror upon the discovery.

Cruz’s dread escalated as she accounted for the victims. She bolted from the house, concerned that the fourth person, if alive, could pose an imminent danger to her.

Fueling the speculation around the incident, other community members indicated that the son had been struggling with mental health issues. Reportedly, healthcare professionals who were attending to the women in hospice had already raised alarms. They had contacted the authorities on Thursday and Friday after being unable to gain access to the home, but police left after their knocks went unanswered and no immediate signs of disturbance were evident.

As law enforcement delves into this tragic incident, the neighborhood is left reeling, trying to comprehend the loss and its implications.